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     Willowgreen offers an assortment of books, CDs, DVDs, eBooks and audio books in the areas of grief, illness, transition, caregiving, and spirituality, as well as resources to assist professionals in working with others. Jim Miller’s photography is available as signed, matted prints suitable for framing. His photography is also featured in a series of unique screen savers and Photo Inspiration DVDs.

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New Products

100 Healing Messages for Your Grief
For individual purchase or professional use in quantity

100 Healing Messages for your griefNow you can encourage the healing of the recently bereaved with a subscription to this unique resource. Three times a week, 100 times in a row, the griever will be emailed a two-minute video, plus an accompanying PDF, suited to where they are on their journey through grief. Learn more>>

Grief's Healing Journey Newsletters
For For individual use or professional use in quantity

Griefs Healing Journey      Now you can use a newsletter approach for assistance with your own grief as an individual or, as an organization, you can easily mail these beautiful newsletters to the newly bereaved in your care. Each issue is designed to be sent at a particular time frame, over the course of 13 months. The wisdom and photography of James E. Miller makes each issue easy and enjoyable to read. Each of the six regular issues, plus a holiday issue, also has links to a special Website where unique videos, audios, and longer articles by Jim can be accessed. Organizations may choose between a print edition and an electronic edition, delivered by email; for more information, follow this link. Individual subscribers are offered the electronic edition only; for more information, follow this link.

The Healing Promise of Grief
For use on professionals' websites

The Healing Promise of Grief      When you place these 12 brief videos on your funeral home's website, you'll immediately begin to meet the needs of the bereaved in your care, while keeping visible your name and positive influence. Each video is a work of art as well as a vehicle for wisdom and growth. Learn more>>

TheHealing Promise of Grief: the DVDFor purchase as a DVD

     By popular request, these 12 videos are now included on a single DVD, available for home use as well as congregational and professional use. Follow this link to place your order.

Grieving Through the Holidays
Thoughtful Ideas for the Bereaved and
Those Who Care About the Bereaved

Grieving through the holidays DVD     If you’re a griever yourself, now you can be informed and supported through the holiday period with these short videos by Jim Miller. If you’re an organization, you can share these resources in support groups, workshops, and public gatherings. Three of the four videos communicate directly with the bereaved:
1. “10 Personal Tips for Grievers”
2. “7 Actions to Help You Through These Days”
3. “A Word of Hope for Those Grieving During the Holidays”
4. The fourth video is for friends and family: “15 Things You Can Do to Help Grieving People During the Holidays.”

Please follow this link to learn more and to place your order.

Video Comforts
For funeral home use

100 Healing Messages for your griefWe've released four new Blu-ray videos, designed especially for use by death care professionals, bringing calmness, consolation, validation, and hope to the bereaved, their families, and friends. A blend of nature photography, quotations from the ages, and soothing music creates a quieting, soothing ambience. Learn more >>