Jim Miller     Jim Miller’s on-site talks, presentations, and keynote addresses build on his skills as a speaker, photographer, counselor, and spiritual director. His goal is always to provide helpful information incorporating recent research, wisdom from the ages, and people’s personal experience, including his own. His messages are supported by advanced technology presentation graphics for a highly professional and inspiring effect. Jim typically designs his presentations around the needs of the intended audience, working closely in advance with the sponsoring organization.

     Jim Miller’s newest photographic presentation is designed especially for end-of-life workers. It’s entitled "Beautiful Like Autumn Leaves: A Tribute to End-of-Life Caregivers." Created originally as a special evening performance at the April 2005 Clinical Conference of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in Atlanta, it’s now available as a live presentation at a site of your choice. Read more.
     Some of his other recent topics have included:

  • The Art of Being a Healing Presence
  • The Art of Listening in a Healing Way
  • The Grit and Grace of Being a Caregiver
  • Helping People Manage Change
  • Spirituality and the Healthcare Professional
  • Spirituality in the Workplace
  • When Mourning Dawns: A Presentation for the Bereaved
  • Helping Volunteer and Professional Caregivers Help the Bereaved

     His resume, including a representative listing of his recent speaking engagements, is available here.

    Also, in his photoblogs, Jim Miller combines words and images from ordinary life that illumine beauty, uncover wisdom, instill hope, and honor the sacred. Select this link to view his photoblogs.

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