Willowgreen is pleased to provide you with a series of inspirational pieces for your personal use—video meditations, photo thoughts, monitor wallpaper, and 1-Minute Inspirations. All are the creations of Jim Miller, drawing upon his beautiful photography. Each of these inspirations is offered with our compliments. Please feel free to pass these along to others who might enjoy them or need them.
     For end-of-life caregivers and those who appreciate them — A professionally designed copy of "Thank You, Thank You" is available as a PDF document. Click here to receive this free download.
     Full screen, high fidelity versions of the video meditations are available in DVD format for purchase here. The monitor wallpaper is not available for purchase—it is always free.
     If you wish to view the video meditations but do not have the free Flash plug-in installed in your internet browser, you may download the plugin here.
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1-Minute Inspirations

     What can you communicate in 60 seconds that matters? That inspires a little? That appeals to the eye and the ear? That touches the heart and the soul? These are the questions that Jim Miller attempts to answer on Willowgreen's 1-Minute Inspirations.
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    Also, in his other photoblogs, Jim Miller combines words and images from ordinary life that illumine beauty, uncover wisdom, instill hope, and honor the sacred. Select this link to view his photoblogs.