These distinctive compositions provide lasting interest to the eye. Locations include the United States and Europe. View Landscapes.

The Light
      Witness how the sun transforms a scene, sometimes adding magnificence, other times suggesting mystery. View The Light.

      Find yourself drawn into these images. Where does that path lead? What is through this open door? View Openings.

Sacred Spaces
      Visit some of the holy places where Jim has photographed in Italy, the British Isles, and North America. View Sacred Spaces.

Things Floral
      Draw close to flowers of every shape and color, seen not just for their beauty but for their message. View Things Floral.

The Seasons
      Enjoy some of the favorite images that appear in Jim’s professional presentations and books. The changing seasons is a characteristic theme of his work. View The Seasons.

    Also, in his photoblogs, Jim Miller combines words and images from ordinary life that illumine beauty, uncover wisdom, instill hope, and honor the sacred. Select this link to view his photoblogs.