Willowgreen offers free wallpaper for your computer in two different sizes.
     Choose from among the following options:

In silence we must wrap much of our life, because it is too fine for speech.

Let the beauty we love
be what we do.

1600 wide photograph
1680 wide photograph

1600 wide photograph
1680 wide photograph

Being here is so much.

When one door closes,
another opens.

1600 wide photograph
1680 wide photograph

1024 x 768 photograph
800 x 600 photograph

Follow these instructions to set your choice of wallpaper:

First, click on your preferred image above and let it load entirely.

Windows users:
Right-click the downloaded image and choose Set as Background or Set as Wallpaper.

If your browser does not offer this option, right-click the image, choose Save as... and save this file in a place you will remember. Go to Start, then Settings, then Control Panel, then Display, then either Background or Desktop, then select the image you already saved.

Mac users:
Control-click the image, then choose Download image to disk. Go to Desktop in System Preferences (System 10.x), or Appearance then Desktop in Control Panel (System 9.x) to set image as wallpaper.

     Feel free to send information about these free wallpaper images to your friends and associates.

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