Willowgreen has been creating and distributing video presentations of a meditative nature since 1989. These unique programs grow out of the belief that the combination of calming words, soothing music, and well chosen photography, all carefully orchestrated, can create an inspiring, comforting effect.
     Six video meditations have been placed here for you to experience. Use them as often as you wish, and at no cost. You may purchase the DVD containing all six meditations in a high definition format suitable for play on a larger screen. You’ll find more information here.
     If you wish to view the video meditations but do not have the free Flash plug-in installed in your internet browser, you may download the plugin here. Note: This link will open in a new window. You may close that window to return to this page.

     Choose from among these titles:

Psalm 23:
The King James Version

Psalm 23:
A Paraphrased Version

The Lord’s Prayer


Prayer of St. Francis

A Caregiver’s Prayer

As You Grieve

     Feel free to pass these inspirational messages on to others, as many as you wish. We offer these web-based programs to everyone at no charge. Send information about these video meditations to your friends and associates.

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