To send a Willowgreen eCard, select the one that suits the person you have in mind. Personalize it by adding your own thought at the end if you wish. Sign your name. Preview the message before you send it. Then pass it along.

When one's love has been deep

When the death is recent

When one’s husband has died

When grief has lasted long

When a loved one is dying

When a man is grieving

When there’s been a miscarrage or baby’s death

When a pet has died

When someone Christian is grieving

When someone religious is grieving

When someone close has died

When the loss was sudden

When one knows one is dying

When one’s wife has died

When grief is like a winter

     Your recipient will receive an email telling them you’ve sent something to them. With a click of the mouse, they’ll be taken immediately to their one-of-a-kind message. If they wish, they can browse other helpful words of advice written by Jim Miller, as well as look at any of the special free movies he has created.
     Rest assured that the email addresses you share will never be used for any other purposes. Willowgreen will never send any additional messages to the people you name. Nor will we ever share any of these addresses with any other company.

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