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An explanatory video about 100 Healing Messages for Your Grief


     If you or someone you care about is grieving a loss, here is a thoughtful way to provide some quiet support. 100 short videos will be sent by email—one on each Monday, Wednesday and Friday—for eight months. They provide encouraging messages by Jim Miller and are full of encouraging wisdom, lovely photography and Jim's soothing voice.
     Subscribers will also receive a PDF file with each video that contains the thoughtful message for the day in a lovely printable format to keep or pass on.
     View the short explanatory video above to understand how this innovative resource works and to sample two of the video messages. Select this LINK to download a printable PDF sample shown in this video.
     This thoughtful, customized program is available for $39.95. Simply click on Individual Subscription Form to order.
     If you have more questions, click on Frequently Asked Questions or call Willowgreen at  260-490-2222.

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